Management Development Program:

“Experienced an excellent training program which is very helpful for me to implement in my personal and professional life to achieve the expectation of my company and family. The trainer has a good sense of humour and the explanation are in simple language which is understandable by all.”

Time Management:

“Excellent, Informative, eye Opener”

Customer Service:

“Even though I have attended customer service training before, this is the training where I got a positive attitude about the customer service as well as the company. This training not only made me to improve my skills in customer service, it also improved my attitude towards the company and my colleagues. This is the best training I have ever attended. I have got a lot of confidence in me at the present moment. Thanks to Mr. Solomon Vijayanand for providing such a wonderful training and being a wonderful trainer”


“It was a very good training, more relevant to our business needs”.

Problem Solving and Decision Making:

“A very good course, lot of practical exercises, very interesting learning, excellent course content and framework”

Negotiation Skills:

“Excellent Course, Experienced Instructor, Good Experience.”

Planning & Organizing Skills:

“Thanks a lot for an intellectual two day training”

Email and Report Writing Skills:

“Excellent program, practical and useful”

Presentation Skills:

“A very practical training to improve your presentation skills”

Interviewing Skills:

“Acquired lot of skills and knowledge to conduct interviews. A worthful training program”

Staff Motivation:

“An outstanding program”

Selling Skills:

“Excellent Program, Professional skills, lively, interesting and impacting”

Project Management Program:

“Learnt the professional way of managing projects, easy and practical”

Salesman Training:

“Excellent Trainer”

Balanced Score Card:

“Very useful and practical”

Leadership & Influence:

“ Very practical and useful”

Fleet Sales Management:

Obtained valuable knowledge, an eye opener, overall an interesting program

Business Etiquette & Professional Protocol Skills:

“Very useful training”

Performance Appraisal Skills Workshop:

“This type of training is very helpful and informative”

Administrative Professional Skills:

“The trainer is really knowledgeable and enthusiastic”

Stress Management:

“The Trainer was very professional, knowledgeable and practical. Useful program”

Customer Driven Organisation:

“Trainer can deliver the agenda very well, cool person and has a far knowledge about the topic”

Training the Trainers:

“You have added extra knowledge, thank you”