Corporate Training Program

We at Solomon Management Consultants ensure the following process is followed for any In-company/ In-house / Customized / Corporate Training Program for a particular organization:

1.We first understand the need of such a training from the client. At times clients may consider training is the solution for a business problem where as it could be a consulting solutions or a different training subject which may address the issue.

2.We also would like to find out what if such a training is not carried out? As in the effects of not conducting the training. There are instances where we have recommended not to conduct a training as this would not be the right or a suitable solution to their corporate issue. Ethically we do not try to sell a training but support the client with the right solution.

3.We also emphasize on knowing the After training Tasks or behaviors they wish to see in the participants to ensure there is both visible and measurable impact after the customized training program.

4.Understanding the need which could be a composition of many training modules into one or a specific theme or subject, the program is designed , discussed and agreed with the client.

5.The Corporate Training Program is a facilitation mix of training, learning, action, case studies, role play, games, exercises, videos etc. based on the objective of the training and the profile of the participants.

6.On completion of the training, an action plan which would be an after training task will be filled in by each participant with a time dead line which will be shared with the client for follow up.

7.As a Value Added Service, We provide a No Cost review and refresher session of three hour duration for the same group after two months time. In this two months, the participants are asked to put the learning in to practice and present their learning and the action plans. This would be a means to measure the Return on Investment. The course facilitator will be present to support the participants in refreshing the subjects or provide solutions in any difficulty they faced in implementing the learning.

80-95% of the participants in an house programs have always rated Excellent /Very good. Most often clients who have used our Customized Training have seen such visible and measurable results that our courses and the facilitators are repeated for more than one program by the same client.