About Us

Our Philosophy:

Solomon Management Consultants (SMC) would like to stand out as a provider of comprehensive people solutions to its clients more so by partnering with the business and its processes than being a one off or one time service provider who is not to be seen again.

Our Vision:
To Enable individuals and organizations

Our Mission:
To provide professional solutions to enable people and organizations

Our Values:
People : We value People, be it clients, staff, suppliers or stake holders.
Results : We always believe in Results that clients expect from us.
Ethics : We will always do business in all spheres in an Ethical way.
Quality : We will always put Quality First in all that we excel.
Time : We value Timely Delivery and Performance.

SMC is a solution house to enable people and organizations to actualize to their maximum potential.
Consulting solutions aim at enabling organizations and Training Solutions at enabling Individuals who work in organizations.